Order and Deliveries

1. You can contact our admin on whatsapp (please click) and tell us which catering package you would like to order.

2. You can directly order through our website and make payment (currently only through Bank Transfer) and confirm your payment to our admin here and we will confirm your delivery dates.

We only deliver on Monday to Friday but afraid not, we have weekend packages to help you keep track on your programs!

We deliver to your destination every weekday (Mon to Fri) between 11AM-12.30 PM.

Definitely! Just give us the list and we will deliver it to you.

Yes! Just tell us max H-1 at 3 PM.

Meals and Packages

Currently, We have 6 packages to choose from:

1. Healthy Package
2. Slimming Package
3. Muscle Growth Package
4. Vegan Healthy Package
5. Vegan Slimming Package
6. Vegan Extra Protein Package

Same goes for the vegan packages, except everything is plant based foods.

Every Thursday, we will publish next week’s menu complete with all the macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) and total calories.

It really depends on each individual.. although our customers have reported 1-3 kg weight loss or reduction of size of total 3-4 cm per week (consuming only BELLYWELL SLIMMING LUNCH & DINNER with healthy breakfast and snacks).

Why does it depend on each individual? because everybody’s calories needs and activities are different. To achieve weight or fat loss, everybody needs to be in a calorie deficit state. Calorie deficit is a state when you consume less calories than what you burn everyday. The healthy way to lose weight or fat is when you consume 500 calories less than what you need / burn.

How many calories you burn a day depends on your age, sex, daily activities etc, and the easiest way to know is to use this calorie counter . After you find out your calories deficits,  you can factor in Bellywell’s slimming lunch and dinner total calories (usually around 800 calories max). The difference of calories will be your allowance for healthy breakfast and snacks.

No, we don’t because of a number of reasons

1. As was mentioned above, everybody is different and no 1 package fits all. We can guarantee that we  provide low fat, low calorie meals that nourish your body and support your slimming program the healthy way. Depending on your habit, activities, and consumption of other things beside Bellywell meals, result will vary for each individual.

2. You shouldn’t use weight as the only indicator of success. Scale is unreliable for a number of reasons. My body weight varies depending on which scale I use and my weight between morning and nights +/- 2 kgs and that drives me crazy!

Water weight is also a BIG factor, especially on women. Depending on what time of the month, my weight fluctuates +/- 2 kg and if you exercise, you will pack on muscles and muscles weigh more than fat. Hence, you might actually gain weight, instead of losing it.

Based on that, we strongly encourage you to take measurements instead of weight to show your progress because measurements never lie 🙂